Data Management

Data Management Services are the foundation stone of the GTS-Geotech service structure, and have been since the company began.

Our data management personnel are to be found working on site in oil & gas companies across the UK and Europe, seamlessly fitting into existing Data Management structures and teams.

From day-to-day support roles to project implementation or data clean-up, we have the right candidates to supply on a short, medium or long-term basis.

With many years cumulative experience between them and an exponentially developing internal knowledge-sharing base to draw upon, you can be sure that your data is safe in the hands of GTS-Geotech's Data Management specialists.

GTS offer a wide range of data related services, including:

  • On-site Seismic Data Loading into multiple formats (e.g. SeisWorks,IESX, Charisma, Petrel)
  • On-site Well Data Loading into multiple formats (e.g. OpenWorks, Finder, Petrel, ODM)
  • On-site Data Management - both digital and physical across multiple applications including Livelink
  • On-site Petrophysical Support - Curve Management, Loading and Quality Control
  • Data Management Consultancy and Workflow
  • Implementation and/or maintenance of existing Data Management Systems
  • Implementing Data Management Solutions and Best Practices suited to your data flow and controls
  • Data Capture, Reformatting and Quality Control.
  • On-site Mapping Services (Z-Map, CPS, Petrosys)
  • Project and Data conversion between multiple systems
  • Data Consolidation - from simple to complex projects.
  • E&P Database Population - (e.g. Finder, GeoFrame, OpenWorks,Recall, Petrel, Geolog and ODM)
  • Data Process Redesign, Cleanup & Project Building