GTS-Geotech specialises in providing a cost-effective, dependable geotechnical support service to oil & gas companies and is the largest independent provider of this type of support services to the industry in the UK.

Our key service offerings meet our clients’ business critical requirements for reliable and cost-effective geotechnical support solutions. These include:

  • Geotechnical Application Support
  • Data Loading and Data Management
  • Systems & Hardware Support
  • Consultancy

Our largest customer base is currently in the UK, where we enjoy a 20% market share. GTS-Geotech also operate in mainland Europe and have undertaken consultancy world-wide.

GTS-Geotech has over 80 clients around the globe and a reputation for dependable, quality services delivered by a highly skilled workforce.

Our staff have worked in every size of company from super-major to start-up, and our quality-focused approach and network-centric support strategy has been rewarded by a contract retention rate in excess of 98%.

The company was established in 1995 and it remains 100% privately owned to this day.