Applications Support

GTS-Geotech is the largest independent supplier of E&P Application Support staff in the UK and Europe. Their knowledge, experience, and 'can-do' attitude ensures that our clients receive the very best in service delivery.

Our talent pool is drawn from a highly experienced team of application support specialists who provide first & second line support, one-to-one help & mentoring and workflow analysis in oil & gas companies worldwide

As a non-vendor specific supplier, GTS-Geotech can offer support in all applications that may be in use within your organisation, not just a limited range.

Examples of the software and systems GTS-Geotech can support include :

Landmark suite GeoQuest suite 3rd Party applications
Openwork GeoFrame Recall
SeisWorks IESX Petrosys
StratWorks Petrel Kingdom Suite
Z-Map Charisma GeoLog
PetroWorks CPS Geographixw
OpenExplorer Finder Petrobank
OpenJournal Eclipse Tigress
TDQ StratLog VoxelGeo
SynTool WellPix Isatis
Rave WellEdit Probe
Depth Team Express PetroView Plus Stratimagic
EarthCube LogDB AVO
OpenVision   ODM
SeisCube   Esearch
ProMax   Traxx
LogM   Livelink